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Again, Fisher Tool & Design is demonstrating their dedication in being their customer’s “one stop” vendor by adding the patented Meta-Lax Vibration Stress Relief Technology. This vibratory stress relief process relieves stress within metal components by using nondestructive sub-harmonic vibrations. Meta-Lax is the ONLY VSR process that can produce consistently effective results. It also is the only VSR process that uses sub-harmonic energy and certifies when stress relief is complete.

How does Meta-Lax Vibratory Stress Relief Work?

The Meta-Lax process vibrates a work piece at its sub-harmonic energy level. The sub-harmonic zone is the optimum zone when using vibrations.

All metal structures exhibit harmonic and non-harmonic behavior. A metal component that contains stress displays its harmonic curve as being out of phase from its natural frequency location, much like a musical instrument being out of tune. By applying sub-harmonic vibrational energy, the pockets of high stress concentrations are redistributed, thereby reducing the effects of stress.

Graphically, the harmonic curve shifts over as stress is being neutralized during the process. Upon further Meta-Lax treatment in the sub-harmonic zone there will come a time when the harmonic curve will no longer shift, but rather begins to repeat. When the harmonic curve repeats its previous scan relief is COMPLETE.

When completed, you will receive a certificate identifying the customer and a work piece description. This certificate will also show the scans representing the initial response and the change due to reduction of stress.

Benefits of Using Meta-Lax Vibratory Stress Relief Technology

  • Meets or Exceeds Thermal Stress Relief
  • Certifiable Stress Relief
  • No Treatment Size Distortion
  • No Finish Distortion
  • Reduce machining time
  • 90% Less Process Costs
  • 98% Less Process Time
  • 500% Fatigue Life Improvement
  • 90% Less Weld Cracking
  • No Size or Weight Limitations
  • Consistently Effective
  • Scientifically and Academically Verified

To include the vibratory stress relief technology in your preventative maintenance program or in-process machining stages, contact us today. We would be glad to meet with you to give you more information.

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